Lignin, the

polymer behind

plants´ protection

and strength.

Discover the functionalities behind the second most abundant biopolymer on Earth.


Our commitment to the environment and to a circular economy is the motivation behind every Lignopure product and service. From our raw materials to our processes and final products, we are devoted to contributing to a sustainable future by respecting nature and all of its biodiversity and acknowledging the great importance of social responsibility.



From certified forest

Upcycled biomass

Nagoya compliant

Full traceability


Discover LignoBase

The first cosmetic ingredient that harnesses the natural multifunctional properties of lignin in a ready-to-use fine powder suitable for multiple skin-care, sun-care and color applications.

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Our solutions:

Food and nutraceuticals

Lignopure offers high purity lignin with natural properties for diverse dietary supplements and food applications and is suitable for vegan, natural and gluten free products.

Cosmetic ingredients

Our upcycled lignin ingredients have great functionalities like antioxidant and UV protection boosting while adding natural color for a great variety of cosmetic formulations.


New materials

Lignopure’s technology and expertise enables the use of lignin in multiple industries. Lignin’s natural mechanical properties can enhance novel materials as well as increasing their sustainability factor.


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