Custom lignin processes for optimal results

Lignopure’s years of research and experience in the field of lignin have enabled us to develop expert, project-based services for diverse industries that are looking to increase the sustainability of their portfolio by replacing fossil-based materials with healthier, upcycled lignin solutions.

We offer extensive know-how on lignin and see that it can not only replace existing, potentially harmful materials and ingredients, but also how it can improve the properties and processability of materials or composites in an environmentally and economically efficient manner.

Lignopure’s experts address the entire project development chain towards sustainable materials. From the selection of the correct lignin and how to process and combine it with other biopolymers to prototyping a tailored lignin-material, our experienced team will determine and develop the right process to suit your needs. Our goal is to match available lignin resources with scalable processing approaches to deliver physical and tangible lignin-based material or processing drop-in solutions.

Customized project development


Lignin scouting: we conduct assessment of the best raw lignin according to the application standards and requirements.



Lignin tailoring: using Lignopure’s patented particle technology, we create the microparticles that will conform your novel material.



Lignin-based product development: we formulate your material and design a drop in production process.



Lignin-based prototype: we create a prototype that can be tested and evaluated for the end application.



Feasibility and lifecycle analysis: according to the final product, we perform analytics to determine the utility of the application and life cycle of the material or final product.

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a more circular future.


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