Custom lignin processes for optimal results

Lignopure’s years of research and experience in the field of lignin have enabled us to develop expert, project-based services for lignin producers and companies interested in the utilization of tailored lignin-particles for different novel innovative materials and applications.

Our goal at Lignopure is to bring value to lignin by being the connection link between raw lignin and industries interested in lignin-containing applications. This is possible thanks to our extensive know-how on lignin together with Lignopure’s patented particle technology that optimizes lignin particles without altering their multifunctional natural structure, which then enables the use of this amazing biopolymer to its fullest.

What’s more, we offer extensive lignin expertise that supports not only replacing existing, potentially harmful materials and ingredients in a variety of industrial applications but also that can improve the properties and processability of materials in an environmentally and economically friendly manner for a better circularity.

From high-value to bulk applications, from laboratory-scale lignin processing for small first assessments to scale-up to industrially relevant prototype lignin powder, our expert team will support you in finding use cases, tailoring crude lignin into particles with their most promising shape, prototyping novel materials and final product evaluations.

Customized project development

Are you a lignin producer? – Understand your lignin and bring value to it!


Generating knowledge about your lignin and its possible application is an important factor in using lignin as a side stream of biorefineries or pulp and paper manufacturers, let’s work together to boost the potential of your lignin.


Lignin scouting: we conduct assessment of the best raw lignin according to the application standards and requirements.



Lignin tailoring: using Lignopure’s patented particle technology, we create the microparticles that will conform your novel material.



Lignin-based product development: we formulate your material and design a drop in production process.



Lignin-based prototype: we create a prototype that can be tested and evaluated for the end application.



Feasibility and lifecycle analysis: according to the final product, we perform analytics to determine the utility of the application and life cycle of the material or final product.

Are you interested in using lignin in your applications?


let’s create lignin-based solutions!