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The Biotech Mentors from DSM for the Biotech Validation Lab

Like all the startup programs from YES!Delft, this one attracted many exceptional mentors who would guide the entrepreneurs in the program. The mentorship camp took place over the span of 10 weeks and Lignopure got the amazing opportunity to be guided by experts in the biotechnology field.

Specifically for the Biotech Validation Lab, the biotech mentors from DSM went down memory lane and looked back at their own early career experiences. Moreover, they took a moment to reflect on the impact of meeting the mentor who influenced the trajectory of their careers.

In the Biotech Validation Lab, the mentors have many years of experience in the biotech industry. Some of them have over 20 years of experience at DSM – the largest Dutch multinational in the health, nutrition and materials fields.

Gerard Hardeman (BU Director at DSM):One of my first bosses was a former refugee who [had] fled with his family from the Balkans because of the war. He showed me how to deal with a different culture and requirements that go against various beliefs. The most important thing he taught me was how to see the other side of the truth. I still value this highly.”

Ruth Donners (Venture Development Manager at DSM Innovation Center): “I started my career as a patent attorney, which is a rather specialized job. My mentor helped me understand that I am a generalist and I can use my skills in a multitude of different jobs.”

Henk Noorman (Corporate Science Fellow Engineering Sciences at DSM):A simple question from a good and respectful mentor can help to make key decisions in life.”

Herman Wories (VP Global Business Incubator at DSM):When you are early in your career, you tend to look at things from your perspective only. Having this kind of support helps you to not miss out on opportunities.”

Theo Verleun, Jan Hunik, Frans Koster, Henk Noorman, Theo Stikkers, Pim van Hee, Ruth Donners, Rob Beudeker, Christian Koolloos, Oscar Goddijn, Gerard Hardeman, Marianne Kentie, Herman Wories, Will van den Tweel, and Arthur Oudshoorn are all mentors at the Biotech Validation Lab. Ten biotech startups, including Lignopure, will benefit not only from the commercial validation expertise from the leading tech incubator in Europe, but also from the professional guidance of the DSM mentors.

We would like to give special thanks to Carolina Villa and Bianca Boelema for organizing this amazing experience.


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