Source: The Upcycled Beauty Company


Looking for upcycled cosmetics ingredients from manufacturers around the globe?

The Upcycled Beauty Company has researched the market to put together a directory of upcycled high-performance active oils, natural scrubs, active powders, and so much more.

LignoBase, our new upcycled line of lignin-based powders for cosmetic applications, has been featured in the Upcycled Beauty Company’s latest Upcycled Ingredient Directory! It means so much to us be part of a movement continually working toward more sustainability in cosmetics, which the publication of this directory.

The mere fact that there is an entire directory exclusively dedicated to ingredients that are upcycled and sustainable ingredients shows us the growing trend toward a more environmentally friendly and circular cosmetics industry. At the same time, the directory’s publication makes these ingredients and the companies that produce them more accessible to formulators. We are so proud to have been included in this directory and to be pioneers in the use of lignin in cosmetics and other industries!


Source and full directory: