EUROCOSMETICS has featured LignoBase in their February issue! We are so honored to be included in one of the most distinguished cosmetics magazines in Europe. LignoBase, our new line of multifunctional cosmetic powders made from ethically sorced lignin that we upcycle using our patented particle technology, which transfers all of lignin’s amazing properties into each of our three powder ingredients. As pioneers in the use of lignin, we are committed to making the cosmetics industry more sustainable and circular at every step of the supply chain. A huge thanks to EUROCOSMETICS for believing in our mission and helping us spread the word about LignoBase!


LignoBase featured in EUROCOSMETICS February issue

Lignopure is introducing their upcycled plant-based ingredient line called LignoBase. LignoBase is powered by the multifunctional properties of lignin, a polyphenolic material found in the cell walls of plants. Until now, it has been considered a byproduct of biorefinery and pulp and paper manufacturing.

Lignopure’s mission is simple: to fully utilize lignin and its amazing properties into functional high-quality cosmetic ingredients.

Lignopure’s core focus is lignin, a biopolymer that gives plants their sturdiness and protects them against numerous external factors. Lignopure has developed a patented particle technology that preserves the molecular structure of lignin for maximum benefits and transforms it into fine, soft particles ready to be used in cosmetic formulations.

This innovative development has resulted in the creation of a line of three sustainable powders, called LignoBase Cool BE25, LignoBase Neutral PS25 and LignoBase Warm WS25, that transfer the amazing natural properties of its lignin of origin to multiple beauty products.

With the introduction of this upcycled LignoBase line, Lignopure is ready to revolutionize the cosmetic and personal care industry. Set to launch in 2023, these natural, non-nano ingredients offer multiple benefits, including but not limited to antioxidant activity and UV boosting. 

Furthermore, the natural brown tones of LignoBase allow formulators to simplify the color formulation process for a wide va- riety of finished products like BB and CC Creams, tinted sun care, makeup, mascara, eyebrow gel, and many more due to its white case minimizing and mattifying effect. All of these properties are packed into a ready-to-use powder ingredient line suitable for vegan, natural, preservative-free and GMO-free formulations: a perfect combination of great performance with clean, ethical and traceable sources.