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The Good Face Project at Glance

Good Face Project is a formulation, regulatory compliance, and innovation software used by hundreds of leading cosmetic companies to build safe, compliant, transparent and effective products.
Through their comprehensive database of INCI and worldwide regulatory, retail and third-party standards, their cloud platform enables formulation and product innovators to easily grade their formulations against worldwide requirements for safe and sustainable products.

Lignopure included in the Good Face Trade Name Library

Lignopure is now part of the Trade Name Library and with this, hundreds of Good Face users and top cosmetic companies will be able to find our ingredients. By being part of this centralized information tool, we look to strengthen the supplier relationship and facilitate the effective scouting of our LignoBase line.

Visit the The Good Face Project’s Raw Materials Catalog and Trade Name Library to find:

  • LignoBase functionalities
  • LignoBase application possibilities
  • LignoBase properties
  • LignoBase certifications

For more information on LignoBase, we invite you to visit LignoBase wesbsite section. 

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If you have an account with the Good Face Project click the next link to check our ingredients: Lignopure ingredients.


If you are a cosmetic brand, manufacturer, or formulation developer and would like to test LignoBase for your personal care applications, send us a message to info@lignopure.de.