what is lignin? Lignopure

Written by: Juliana Carrizosa – Product Innovation Specialist at Lignopure


The cosmetic industry is constantly evolving with new trends emerging regularly. With this said, one of the most prominent trends in recent years has been the shift from fossil-bassed to bio-based multifunctional ingredients. These ingredients are highly sought after by consumers who are demanding effective solutions for multiple cosmetic concerns and at the same time are increasingly aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment.


Natural multifunctional properties

On that account, Lignopure is unveiling its novel upcycled and multifunctional ingredient line, LignoBase. These three-ingredient line is based primarily on lignin, a natural biopolymer with several functional groups that account for its multitasking ability. Furthermore, LignoBase offers a wide range of benefits for consumers, cosmetic formulators, brands and the environment, as follows:

Benefits for consumers

  • Protects skin cells from damaging oxidative processes
  • Enhances sunscreens’ effectiveness in protecting the skin from UV radiation
  • Meets the demand for inclusive products for diverse skin tones
  • Decreases white cast in multiple personal and sun care formulations
  • Exhibits oil adsorption properties and provides a mattifying finish
  • Simplifies skin care routine by offering multiple benefits in one product

Benefits for cosmetic formulators and brands

  • Simplifies the color formulation by providing skin tones without or with a reduced amount of iron oxides
  • Prevents oxidation of actives, lipids and other ingredients in the formulation
  • Reduces the number of other active ingredients and additives in the formulation

 Benefits for the environment

  • Reduces waste and lessens the environmental impact by repurposing biorefineries’ by-product materials that would otherwise be underutilized
  • Reduces the demand for conventional fossil-based cosmetic ingredients that represent a risk to the environment
  • Reduces the number of cosmetic products required to target multiple skin concerns


LignoBase, a solution for multiple cosmetic demands

In conclusion, LignoBase is a first-of-its-kind upcycled natural ingredient line ready to revolutionize the concept of multifunctional products and ingredients in the cosmetic industry. Positively, consumers are demanding innovative and sustainable solutions that offer a broad range of benefits for the skin in a single product and as the market trend towards sustainable multifunctional ingredients continues, we can expect to see a growing number of products featuring LignoBase benefiting the cosmetic industry and consumers.