Author: Mathias Jäger

Two startups, Lignopure from Hamburg and BELLEJO from Belgium, are jointly developing a sunscreen based on sustainable ingredients and took first place in the category “Innovation” at the Global Blockchain Challenge in Malaga.

Conventional sunscreens often contain substances that damage the environment and destroy coral reefs, for instance. Therefore, more and more countries are banning these products. The search for natural alternatives is in full swing, which is why Lignopure and BELLEJO have now joined forces. The Hamburg-based team at Lignopure is known for producing a variety of sustainable products made from lignin. The biopolymer lignin is a basic component of many plants and can be made from straw, for example.

Lignin boosts protection against sunburn

Claudia Condulet, founder of BELLEJO, which specializes in sustainable cosmetics, had the idea to use lignin in sunscreen and thus increase its sun protection factor. This is where Lignopure’s biotechnological know-how comes in handy. Joana Gil, founder and CEO of Lignopure, explains: “At Lignopure, we transfer the protective properties of nature into high-quality products. With our technology, we can tailor the quality and functionality of our biopolymer specifically to customers’ needs. The sunscreen we have developed together with BELLEJO is the result of innovation, passion and shared values between the two startups. We can’t wait to buy the sunblock in the supermarket!”

Months of testing in an EU-certified laboratory have shown that the formula with Lignopure’s biopolymer increased the sun protection factor by 50%. Claudia Condulet talks about her plans: “We should have the best natural protection against the negative effects of prolonged sun exposure, and our proprietary cosmetic formula will do just that for everyone. Not only is good for our bodies, but it also protects our oceans and rivers, as the ingredients are bio-based and biodegradable, and they comply with EU regulations.”

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