Author: Mathias Jäger

The Hamburg Innovation Summit was supposed to take place last week. As is well known, nothing came of it due to the Corona crisis and contact restrictions. However, we can already briefly introduce the finalists to you today.

There are three categories at the Hamburg Innovation Awards: “Idea” for projects that are still about to enter the market; “Start” for startups that have existed for five years or less; and “Growth” for companies that are at least five years old. What all candidates have in common is their high degree of innovation and their presumed or already proven market potential.

Category: “Start”: Lignopure – Plastic substitute made from straw

Spinning straw into gold is a fairy tale of yesterday – Lignopure has a much better idea. This startup produces a substitute for plastic from the raw material, lignin, found in straw. You can read more about how this works in our detailed report.

Other finalists in the “Start” category are:

Panda – AI for manufacturing processes.

Heimathaufen – DIY shower gel.

The jury for the Hamburg Innovation Awards first reviewed business plans submitted and selected a total of nine finalists, who then submitted pitch videos, which are currently being evaluated by the jury in a second round.

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