Lignin Startup in the Spotlight

The Hamburg-based startup, Lignopure, a spinoff of the TVT Institute of the TUHH, wants to make the world a better place with this great material.

Lignin is the name of the material that will soon replace crude oil in a wide variety of areas. It is made from plants that humans do not eat, such as wood and straw.

It is also perfectly suited to produce bio-based and biodegradable microplastic particles, which are also used in the cosmetic industry and other applications.

Wienke Reynolds, Co-Founder and CTO: Research on lignin as a product has been going on at the TVT Institute of the TUHH for quite some time.

Joana, founder and CEO of Lignopure, saw the potential of lignin right from the start thanks to her background in life sciences. Joana Gil worked for a Mexican company in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for several years. She also came up with the idea to use the material with its particularly fine particle shape and natural quality in these demanding industries. In addition, she has been the driving force behind the spinoff activities.

With our lignin for the life sciences sector, we [at] Lignopure are first movers, which means that there is currently no comparable lignin on the market.

What’s new for example, is that the Lignopure’s lignin – compared to lignin from the paper industry – is absolutely non-toxic, low-odor, temperature-stable and very fine. Only this makes it possible to use in everyday products.

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