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Lignin for high value applications

Lignopure GmbH was founded in September 2019 by a team of PhD and master’s students at the Hamburg University of Technology who applied part of the university’s biorefinery research for use in the industry. Lignopure’s technology makes it possible to use a widely available but underutilized bio-based raw material: lignin, an industrial byproduct from the pulp and biorefinery industries, is predominantly incinerated as fuel at the moment.

Lignin has a unique combination of protective functions in nature, including not only structural strength, but above all UV protection, antioxidant and microbial barrier properties as well. Lignopure’s process converts the raw lignin into a ready-to-use multifunctional cosmetic solution that can replace harmful cosmetic ingredients (e.g. oxybenzone, octocrylene, PP, PE, TiO2).

Lignopure’s main product is called LignoBase, consisting of ultra-fine, high-quality lignin particles with multifunctional purposes in natural or conventional cosmetics. Lignin functions in skin care simultaneously as a color agent, UV booster and antioxidant booster, with cosmetics manufacturers and distributors as the main target clients. The LignoBase production plant was built in Buxtehude, Germany and is currently being commissioned. Further products for cosmetic applications are under development.

In addition, Lignopure offers application services for lignin manufacturers and companies in material sciences that are working to develop lignin-based solutions.


What makes our company stand out?

Lignopure’s pioneer product, the natural cosmetic ingredient LignoBase ™, offers a unique product performance at a competitive price. With our multifunctional material, our customers (B2B) have the chance to meet the strict regulations for bio-based and natural cosmetics.

In addition, the use of LignoBase™ opens up new sustainability marketing opportunities for our customers’ products, enabling them to achieve their sustainability goals.


What differentiates our product from other suppliers?

Unlike conventional UV filters (chemical or mineral), lignin is 100% plant-based and combines several functionalities in just one ingredient. Lignopure will be the first commercial supplier of lignin-based ingredients for the cosmetic industry.


Where do we see the biggest challenges for our company in the future?

The cosmetics market is very dynamic, especially when it comes to natural cosmetics. Strong innovation activities and high-quality new ingredients are a must. Additionally, the regulatory landscape is in a permanent state of evolution. The launch of a completely new ingredient under these conditions is, of course, a challenge, but one that we are very happy to take on.


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