Author: Wolfgang Becker

Manfred Garz and Matthias Fricke founded their company Garz & Fricke in 1992, and since then, they have been very successful in demonstrating that Germany can succeed in establishing a state-of-the-art industry. More recently, they hosted the Economic Association for the South of Hamburg, which offered two startups the opportunity to present to an interested audience from the Harburg business community.

Before the up-and-coming entrepreneurs had their chance to present to 100 attentive guests, Martin Mahn, board member of the Wirtschaftsverein, took the opportunity to present a pitch on his own behalf. Under the title “Start-up Pampering in HH”, he explained the advantages of the new “Start-up Port”, which was Hamburg Innovation’s idea: The aim: to bundle startup activities.

Lignopure – Natural plastic

Wienke Reynolds, cofounder and CTO of Lignopure, explained the possible applications of bioplastics made from lignin. The huge advantage: these materials have properties like petroleum-based plastics but are biodegradable. Lignols from lignin are the basic material for injection-molded granules, adhesive tape, leather substitutes, insulation materials and much more. Lignin can be used to make “rubber wheels” as well as carriers for pharmaceuticals. Cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food additives – whatever is desired can be discussed and developed with the Lignopure team, because the specialists from the Hamburg University of Technology in Harburg (TUHH), offer one thing especially: the concept development of sustainable products based on natural lignin (about a quarter of the lignified mass of plants consists of lignins – without this substance, trees could not grow tall and maintain stability).

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