Source: Personal Care Insights

Author: Nicole Kerr


The consequences of environmentally unsustainable skincare and sun care products with SPF are driving the development of eco-friendly alternatives. PersonalCareInsights speaks with an executive from Germany-based Lignopure, who spotlights the company’s LignoBase line and the impact it will have on the cosmetic industry.


The importance of upcycled cosmetic ingredients

Upcycled ingredients like LignoBase and environmentally concerned companies like Lignopure are ready to revolutionize the beauty and cosmetic industries. By maximizing the use of our planet’s natural resources, cosmetic companies can help reduce negative environmental impact, making a more sustainable and circular economy possible. Each manufacturer and consumer can contribute to the global effort of going from a linear economy that depletes non-renewable resources and has poor waste management that pollutes our soil, air and water, to a circular economy that takes all the steps of a product’s cycle into account, promoting efficiency and sustainability.

 The company shared that LignoBase’s main ingredient is lignin, a natural polymer from renewable sources that gives plants their strength but also has UV protection and antioxidant properties. According to Lignopure, each LignoBase powder is not only upcycled, but also GMO-free, suitable for vegan formulations and fully traceable while simultaneously offering antioxidant and SPF-boosting effects to cosmetic formulations.


LignoBase, more than an upcycled line, a complete functional line

LignoBase’s multifunctional properties, like antioxidant and SPF-boosting capacities, fit the bill for a vast catalog of cosmetic products. The company explains that lignin’s natural color means LignoBase presents the perfect opportunity to incorporate it into formulations where color is desired. By varying the concentration, it is possible to create tones that go from light to dark skin tones for products like BB creams, CC creams, tinted sun care or makeup in different forms.

Additionally, LignoBase can be used in decorative cosmetics like compact makeup, eye and eyebrow shadows, color eyebrow gels and powder bronzers. Another interesting use is its ability to decrease the white cast effect of mineral sunscreens while supporting and boosting its SPF agents.


Innovation for cleaner cosmetic ingredients

Lignopure notes that the crucial aspect of using upcycled materials is that it maximizes the use of already exploited resources, having a less negative impact on land used to produce renewables. Lignopure believes that natural resources are precious and must be used responsibly and with intelligent practices. This includes using all parts of the materials nature has to offer. Following years of research, Lignopure has gathered vast knowledge on lignin, which has led to Lignopure’s patented particle technology. This technology allows Lignopure to produce natural lignin-based ingredients that retain its natural properties and have an optimized particle size, shape and surface for its use in cosmetic applications.


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