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Lignopure sustainable solutions

Sustainability-focused startup, Lignopure, has developed a particle technology to fully utilize lignin obtained from industrial sidestreams. The technology will be featured in the company’s LignoBase line (INCI: Lignin/Cellulose), set to launch in 2023.

The lignin-based ingredients made from sustainable, upcycled sources give formulators and manufacturers a tool to simplify formulations of a variety of skin tones and undertones in an array of products. An immediate benefit includes diminishing the white cast effect that mineral sunscreen agents often cause in sun protection formulas.


LignoBase multifunctional properties

LignoBase’s capacities include color effects and, thanks to its molecular characteristics, additional multifunctional properties such as UV protection mechanism optimization, antioxidant activities and more. Each LignoBase product will have a size, shape and porosity that allows it to be easily incorporated into various formulations, fulfilling and boosting diverse functionalities.


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