Source: Bio-Security Management

Seven teams from all over Germany presented their innovative ideas from the agricultural and food sectors to more than 100 guests in science, business and politics. The changing climate, increased demands for crop protection and the challenges of sustainable animal production are all challenges that could potentially be solved by the innovative concepts presented at the ceremony. Dr. Oliver Bonkamp, authorized signatory of Bio-Security Management GmbH, who organized the competition, said, “This year, very many concepts focus in particular on making better use of the resources available to us in the world. We all have to set out to become better and more sustainable. We are pleased that the founders also want to contribute to this.”

Lignopure, the second place winner, aims to revolutionize the plastics market with lignin, a major component of plants that cannot be eaten (e.g. straw and wood). Lignin is the secondmost abundant biopolymer in the world, sustainable and versatile. The goal is to replace petroleum-based ingredients in consumer goods with lignin. Lignin can be used to produce bio-based and biodegradable microplastic particles. The team from Hamburg University of Technology provides customized solutions, from the lignin itself to targeted product development for customers. The reviewers believe that the field of application for lignin-based products is extremely versatile and comes at a time when plastic alternatives are more important than ever.

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