Source: Science 4 Life

At Science4Life’s 5th annual Technology Slam, adiutaByte, BRC Solar GmbH, CytoSwitch, Kamedi GmbH and Lignopure GmbH performed impressive linguistic acrobatics. In just three minutes, the founders were able to wow the audience with their business ideas and walk off the stage as winners.

With the slogan “Complex ideas explained simply and with wit”, KfW Bank in Frankfurt became the slammers’ platform.

This year, slam participants were judged in five categories: Chemistry, Energy, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals and Smart Health.

The prize in the Chemistry category went to Lignopure. The founding team is opening up completely new application possibilities for customized lignin products in the life sciences sector, for example, in the form of bio-based microparticles in personal care. At Lignopure, plant-based lignin is isolated using only water, enzymes and CO2, which means it retains its natural, non-toxic structure and can also be used in high-end consumer products.

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