Author: Mathias Jäger

Lignopure is the winner of the KfW Award Gründen in Hamburg.

Lignopure has been named the winner of the “KfW Award Gründen” competition. The company, founded in 2019 at the Hamburg University of Technology, develops powder from the natural raw material lignin as a plastic alternative. Companies from the cosmetics, food and textile industries are the target customers. As early as 2019, Lignopure had already won the Future Hamburg Award from Hamburg Marketing GmbH and the Hamburg Invest Startup-Unit.

Lignopure wants to protect the environment and end consumers

“We are very pleased that the KfW Award Gründen recognizes our goals and honors them with an award,” said Managing Director Joana Gil at the award ceremony in late October. The company’s mission is clear, she stated: “We want to provide sustainable, multifunctional and bio-based ingredients for better and healthier products. In doing so, we can protect the environment as well as end consumers, for whom many traditional ingredients are also harmful.”

Startup impresses with sustainable business idea

Lignin, one of the main components of lignifying plants, is produced as a byproduct in biorefineries and the paper and pulp industry. Until now, the raw material has mostly been incinerated – even  though it has valuable properties. Lignopure founders Joana Gil, Daniela Arango and Wienke Reynolds have developed a patented technology to process the industrial byproduct for use in everyday products. The startup’s lignin products could replace harmful fossil-based plastics, such as plastic microbeads.

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