what is lignin? Lignopure

Written by: Joana Gil Chavez- CEO at Lignopure


Lignopure’s sustainability commitment

With the devastating societal and environmental world events in the past few years, it has become more apparent than ever that we need to take more tangible actions to protect our environment, health and people to ensure a greener and better future. Sustainability is the answer to all of that!

For those of us who want to do our part in building a more sustainable world, we are living in exciting times with a global movement to support and promote the creation of responsible means of production, consumption and inclusion. It is crucial that this movement continues growing. Regardless of whether you are a small company or an international corporation, we should all look for innovation that allows the creation of more sustainable products, solutions and services. Only together can we make a difference!


If you are not doing something to make the world a better place, then what are you doing?

At Lignopure, we are committed to doing our part and proud to be positively contributing to solving these pressing issues. Our company’s journey began with lignin, an organic polymer found in the cell walls of plants. Millions of tons of this amazing biomaterial are produced every year, but due to its complex polymer structure made up of different monomers, it’s difficult to break down and recycle or upcycle. However, there are several sustainable uses of lignin that can help reduce the environmental impact of tons of fossil-based products by replacing or reducing them. Therefore, at Lignopure, we took matters into our hands and made it our mission to create a positive environmental impact by enabling the use of lignin in multiple industries. The path has been anything but simple, however, extremely gratifying!

Since 2019, we have combined technology, innovation and ground-breaking developments to offer sustainable materials that don’t harm our soils, life below water or human health. These lignin-based products and processes have been developed and are in constant optimization by Lignopure’s team, mainly consisting of amazing women engineers who believe in innovation as the way to achieve a more circular future. These inspiring women have been the core of Lignopure in terms of technology and development. We are committed to gender equality, and therefore, we fully support the path of our female team members to leadership in an industry like ours, where the female workforce constitutes just 16,5% globally and the number of women in leadership positions is even less. We also believe in creating job opportunities for young professionals, which is very important for sustainable economic development worldwide. We need to empower and inspire young people if we want a better future.


Lignopure ready to create a positive impact

The demand for sustainable materials and bio-based materials in particular to reduce the use of fossil-based materials has been increasing in recent years because consumers and industries understand that this is an important step toward reducing our environmental impact. For this purpose, we have continually worked to develop alternatives that can replace the huge amount of petrol-based materials used in multiple industries and support a more circular economy and sustainable development. This has led us to develop a catalog of products for the personal care, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries while also offering product development consulting services for several companies that want to develop novel lignin materials.

Thanks to this work, Lignopure has been able to attract the attention of world-renowned companies that have trusted in our concept and know-how. Now, they are partnering with us to expand the production and supply of our ingredients by creating shorter and traceable logistic chains to source local and regional biomasses in order to optimize the CO2 footprint of our portfolio. This plan requires the complete engagement, transparency and collaboration of our suppliers, accountability from stakeholders and bold decisions on all ends. Other key partners have been the companies that have believed in and tested our solutions, which will make it possible for us to supply our products worldwide. Their vision and trust in us play an enormous role in reaching companies looking to develop more sustainable and cleaner products for their customers.

In conclusion, lignin has great potential as a sustainable resource due to its abundance and versatility. By enabling new and innovative ways to use lignin, we at Lignopure are looking to contribute to reducing dependence on non-renewable resources and moving toward a more sustainable future. Let’s join forces and achieve these goals together!