Meet the team

Who we are

Our team at Lignopure all believe in sustainability and in creating a strong, positive impact on our ecosystems. We are driven by the idea that innovation is the path to a green bioeconomy.

Joana Gil - Founder and CEO

“I feel inspired by bio-based products to create a sustainable future where renewables will have a
global impact”.

Wienke Reynolds - Co-founder and CTO

“I’m driven by our innovative lignin processing and outside of the box applications”.


Daniela Arango - Co-founder and CPO

“I’m determined to create value out of sustainability, paving lignin’s path to innovative applications”.

Christin Zimmer - Product and Services Manager

“I’m passionate about biomaterials and the development of their novel application”.

Lorenzo Schwerdtfeger - Technology and Production Engineer

“I’m committed to powering the bio-based transition through sound economic principles”.

Gabriela Meza Armenta - Marketing and Business Development

“I’m enthusiastic about the positive impact that our natural products can have on the world”.

Juliana Carrizosa-Landazabal - Product Innovation Specialist - Cosmetics

“I am eager to transform our powerful concepts into innovative solutions with
outstanding performance”.

Andre Michaelis - Plant Operator

“I’m focused on ensuring high standards for all our high-quality bio-based solutions”.


Anna-Lena Kaiser - Product Innovation Specialist – Food

“I’m thrilled to mix our innovative technology and outstanding creativity to form the standards of

Meet our young talent

Youth is responsible of driving the future. We in Lignopure believe that young talent bring fresh perspective and enthusiasm for greener alternatives.

Yuan Gao

Master Student Cosmetic Development

Aman Ullah

Master Student Lignin Processing

Varun Arun

Master Student Particle Technology