We are thrilled to announce our new distribution partnership with G&C Kreglinger, a Belgian company with more than two centuries of tradition and expertise in the distribution of specialty ingredients for the food and beverage, cosmetics and personal care, pharmaceuticals and industrial sector.  

 This partnership will leverage the strengths of both companies to create a seamless customer experience to bring Lignopure’s new cosmetic line, LignoBase to personal care brands and formulators in the territories of Germany, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom. This will allow us to expand our offerings and provide cosmetic customers with even more value and convenience.

 We are sure that Lignopure’s expertise in innovative lignin-based cosmetic materials, combined with Kreglinger’s distribution and commercializing expertise and tradition will result in a high-quality service with a truly unique product in the personal care and cosmetic market.

 Last but not least, our new lignin-based multifunctional line, LignoBase was launched during the in-cosmetics global 2023 celebrated in Barcelona this past March 2023 and is available to interested companies that want to try natural upcycled ingredients with multifunctional properties for future developments in the area of sun care, skincare and color cosmetics.

For more information about our LignoBase line click the link below:



For more information about LignoBase samples and orders in Kreglinger’s territory please write us at: info@lignopure.de or click the link below and fill up the contact formulary: