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Written by: Gabriela Meza Armenta – Marketing and Business Development Manager at Lignopure


The clean beauty movement has gained significant momentum in recent years, as more consumers become interested in natural and organic products that are free from harmful chemicals. The growth of the clean beauty movement can be attributed to several factors, including increased consumer awareness about the potential risks associated with synthetic ingredients, concerns about the environmental impact of conventional beauty products, and the rise of social media and influencer culture.


A change in the cosmetic industry

As a result, many conventional beauty brands and major beauty retailers have also started to reformulate their products and launch new product lines to meet consumer demand for cleaner, more sustainable options to fulfill the consumers’ demand for products that are made with natural, GMO-free, and non-toxic ingredients. This is also because they are more informed about the ingredients used in their products, thanks in part to the transparency and educational efforts of clean beauty brands.

Additionally, the clean beauty movement has been fueled by concerns about the environmental impact of conventional beauty products, which often contain harmful chemicals that can pollute waterways and harm wildlife. Clean beauty brands, on the other hand, are focused on using sustainable and environmentally friendly ingredients and packaging. Another important factor that has played a big role in the increasing demand for clean cosmetic products is social media. Influencers and bloggers are increasingly promoting clean beauty products and sharing their own experiences with natural and organic ingredients, which has helped to raise awareness and generate interest among consumers.

While there is no official definition of what constitutes clean beauty, the trend has helped to raise awareness about the potential risks associated with certain chemicals found in beauty products and has encouraged consumers to be more mindful of the products they use on their skin and bodies. Overall, the growth of the clean beauty movement is expected to continue as consumers become more interested in natural and sustainable products and demand greater transparency and accountability from beauty brands.


Natural and sustainable ingredients to support the clean beauty movement

We at Lignopure celebrate this change in the cosmetic industry and contribute by producing ingredients from a natural upcycled origin that can decrease fossil-based cosmetic ingredients that can be environmentally harmful in multiple personal care products. Our new line LignoBase is a multifunctional ingredient line from sustainable renewable sources that are produced by rigorous quality standards that transfers the amazing benefits of lignin, like antioxidant activity, spf boosting, color and mattifying benefits into a variety of cosmetic products like sun and skin care as well as color cosmetics.  Because clean for us means effective, we can’t wait for brands and consumers to discover what LignoBase can do for their skin and personal care routines.