Lignin expertise for
more sustainable materials

There are many fossil-based materials in our daily life that contain unsustainable and harmful ingredients for consumers. For this reason, novel biopolymer solutions are gaining more attention, but these are often difficult to process or lack key attributes, such as ageing resistance and mechanical stiffness. Another common problem is that the pricing of such materials is a hurdle for industries that would like to move towards greener materials.

Lignin is an attractively priced, natural resource that acts as a key multifunctional anti-aging and reinforcement component in the woody cell wall of plants. Lignopure’s particle technology enables the utilization of lignin’s natural functionalities as a multifunctional natural performance additive for the benefit of our clients into novel biocomposites for various applications like fibers, flexible materials, foils and foams.

Let us guide you through the process of developing and implementing natural lignin-based novel materials together with our strong partner network. From lignin selection, lignin particle optimization, formulation and process development to analytics and prototyping, Lignopure’s expertise will develop the customized process you and your product needs.

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A natural multifunctional
with amazing capacities

Key features of lignin-based alternatives

CO2 footprint optimization
Antioxidant / anti-aging
UV protectant
Ozone protectant
Flame retardant
Environmentally friendly

Suitable for diverse
manufacturing processes

Injection molding
Sheet extrusion/foils
Thermal processing


Wide range of
lignin-based products

Elastomers, TPE and TPU
Foams/porous materials

End user applications

Acoustic panels
Thermal insulation
Vegan leather


Extended Lignin Expertise: Our partnerships

We complement our services by strong network of partners

Comprisetec has build extensive know-how on biopolymer processing, from thermoplastics compounding and resin-based technologies to semi-finished goods, they support you in the application testing of your lignin powder in novel (bio-)polymer products, from fromulation development, design and construction to scale-up and Life Cycle Assessment.

Did you know that nano-porous, highly insulating materials can be produced from various kinds of lignin? Check out our partner aerogel-it GmbH for more information in lignin-based bio-aerogels for diverse applications:

Let’s work together for
a more circular future.


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