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Discover Lignopure’s Particle Technology

We care about delivering high quality solutions with optimal performance to all our customers. This is possible thanks to Lignopure’s patented particle technology.

The extraction of lignin results in amorphous, microbiologically unstable and complex to handle materials, therefore controlling the particle size and shape is essential for its standardization in industrial processes and future product applications. Particle size and shape play a crucial role in the possible uses and functionalities that a particular lignin exhibits.

Lignopure’s innovative technology is environmentally friendly and free of harmful chemicals that can alter the natural structure and amazing natural properties of lignin and yet powerful enough to transform crude lignin into a flowing lignin powder ready to use in multiple high-value applications.

At our production plant our team receives the crude lignin that will be then transformed by Lignopure’s patented particle technology into functional spherical particles with enhanced functionality that are easily incorporated into different products and solutions for a variety of industries.

Our technology