Our raw materials

High quality lignin starts at the source

Our commitment to nature and the environment is infused in every part of our company, from the selection of our natural raw materials to our patented particle technology. Guided by these principles, lignin is at the heart of all Lignopure’s ingredients.

To ensure the quality of our lignins, we follow a conscious supplier selection procedure following regulations and official advice from international and European bodies such as the ECHA, the SCCS and the PCPC.
We assess the attributes, quality and sustainability of our raw materials using criteria such as origin, production process and social impact. Our goal is to offer safe and functional alternatives to ingredients obtained from fossil or synthetic origins.

Transparent sourcing

We stringently assess that all our biomass derived from non-endangered species, has transparent supply chain and comes from suppliers with clean, ethical and sustainable practices.

 Novel extraction

We source crude lignin from biorefineries utilizing novel extraction processes that are less chemically and energy intensive than those traditionally used in the pulping industry. All our raw materials are, therefore, sulphur-free, GMO-free, and naturally 100% vegan.

 Social responsibility

Our suppliers utilize non-genetically modified biomasses like hardwoods, softwoods, grasses, and cereal straw, meaning that we do not compete with food sources.

 Safety testing

All our raw materials undergo safety and toxicological tests from independent laboratories to ensure that all the lignins we offer are safe and non irritant to enable their use in multiple applications.

 Performance testing

We conduct product functionality tests on all our raw materials and finished ingredients to ensure that not only we work with highly safe lignin but also with highly effective lignin that suits our clients’ applications.

How we do it

We transform raw lignin into valuable materials and intermediary products. With our proprietary technology to tailor lignin particles and know-how we create formulations of novel lignin based-products.