As demand for sustainable natural and functional ingredients is continuing to grow, Lignopure, a German company based in Hamburg, is introducing their upcycled plant-based ingredient line called LignoBase. This line is powered by the multifunctional properties of lignin, a polyphenolic material found in the cell wall of multiple plants, which until now, has been considered a waste by-product of the biorefinery and pulp and paper industry. However, thanks to Lignopure’s expertise, this is about to change. 


Lignopure’s journey

Lignopure’s journey started in 2018 with the mission of fully utilizing the precious natural resource that is lignin a biopolymer that gives plants their sturdiness and protects them against numerous external factors. These multifunctional properties make lignin perfecto for high-quality cosmetic ingredients and for a wide array of applications from skin care to sun care and color cosmetics. For this reason, Lignopure has developed a patented particle technology that preserves the molecular structure of lignin for maximum benefits and transforms it into fine, soft particles ready to be used in cosmetic formulations. This ground-breaking technology enables us to utilize this precious resource in the beauty industry that would otherwise remain unused. This innovative development has resulted in the creation of a line of three sustainable powders, called LignoBase, that transfer the amazing natural properties of lignin to multiple beauty products. 


LignoBase a multifunctional ready to revolutionize the cosmetic industry

With the introduction of this upcycled LignoBase line consisting of three different ingredients, LignoBase Cool BE25, LignoBase Neutral PS25 and LignoBase Warm WS25, Lignopure is ready to revolutionize the cosmetic and personal care industry. Set to launch in March 2023, these natural, non-nano ingredients offer multiple benefits. One of its properties is its antioxidation capacities, thanks to its inherent polyphenolic structure that makes it a natural free radical scavenger that protects both the cosmetic formulations and the skin from damaging oxidative processes. This has been shown to result in up to 30 times more antioxidant activity compared to the oil-in-water control formulation in vitro tests. Another important property is in the photoprotection optimization or SPF boosting area where LignoBase supports the SPF protection system of formulations, demonstrating a boosting effect of up to 50%, according to in vitro tests.

Furthermore, the natural brown tones of LignoBase allow formulators to simplify the color formulation process for a wide variety of finished products like BB and CC Creams, tinted sun care, makeup, mascara, eyebrow gel, and many more. Additional formulation-enhancing LignoBase properties come in the form of a soft finish, mattifying effects thanks to the natural capacity of lignin to absorb five times its weight in oil when combined with other biopolymers and white cast reducing, which is perfect for sun care formulations with high amount of mineral UV filters. This proves to be very useful in formulations with SPF, which tend to have an oily finish that not all consumers enjoy. All of these properties are packed into a ready-to-use powder ingredient line suitable for vegan, natural, preservative-free and GMO-free formulations, a perfect combination of great performance with clean, ethical and traceable sources.


Sustainability and functionality in one ingredient line

In terms, of sustainability, Lignopure has a strong commitment to sustainability fueled by years of know-how, development and having an upcycled material at the core of its business model. This includes the ethical, traceable and clean sourcing of raw materials as well as sustainable practices that are being optimized continuously to minimize environmental impact. These points exactly are being shown to be growing in demand while simultaneously being expected to become part of the new sustainable standards for the cosmetic industry. This puts Lignopure at the forefront of working toward a more sustainable and circular cosmetic industry.


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