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We are thrilled that the Upcycled Beauty Company has featured Lignopure in their Upcycled Beauty News. It is a real honor for us to be featured in such an important magazine/publication that places such a high value on sustainability.

LignoBase, a new upcycled line for the cosmetic market

With the launch of our new line of upcyled lignin-based powders, LignoBase, we hope to do our part in building a more circular economy and a more environmentally conscious beauty industry. By using upcyled ingredients, we can make the most of precious and finite natural resources instead of wasting them and using synthetic ingredients in cosmetics. Beyond its inherent sustainability, upcycled LignoBase’s antioxidant, UV protectant, stabilizing, mattifying and natural colorant properties make it an excellent choice for all kinds of cosmetic, skin care and sun care formulations.

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