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Multifunctional ingredients to grow in 2023

Global Cosmetics Industry talked with Lignopure’s marketing and business development manager, Gabriela Meza Armenta, to discuss different cosmetics trends expected to grow in 2023. Among these trends, one movement that is expected to grow is the demand for multifunctional products. This is because consumers are reducing the number of products in their skin care and beauty routines as demand for products that can provide several skin benefits at a time is on the rise. Armenta states that she is “definitely interested in the growth of multifunctional products, cosmetic ingredients and the bigger role sustainability is continuing to play in the cosmetic industry, which go hand in hand. When it comes to multifunctional products, innovation is allowing the creation of game-changing natural ingredients with amazing multifunctional properties that can transform complex formulations into great gentler yet functional high-quality products.”

Armenta continues, “That being said, I don’t believe simple is synonymous with nonfunctional. On the contrary, a simple and effective formula is the epitome of innovation, performance and respect for the skin’s pH, microbiome balance and the environment.” She goes on to explain the value of multifunctional ingredients in terms of reducing plastic packaging waste. In a society that is becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, Armenta expects demand for multifunctional ingredients to continue to grow in 2023. 

LignoBase, a natural multifunctional

Lignopure is also contributing to this trend with the exciting launch of their upcycled line of lignin-based powder for cosmetic and skin care formulations, LignoBase, which embodies the spirit of multifunctionality and sustainable innovation in cosmetics. “Thanks to Lignopure’s patented particle technology, we have been able to upcycle [a] part of plants that is normally seen as waste and turn it into a fine multifunctional powder product line that transfers lignin … into personal care and cosmetic formulations.” Armenta goes on to describe the  lignin’s many multifunctional properties, with “benefits like antioxidant and SPF boosting” as well as “natural brown tones” that “simplify the color formulation process for numerous finished products, … a mattifying effect and white cast-reducing effects.”

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