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What is Lignopure?

Lignopure is developing customized, sustainable products with the raw material lignin. As a phenolic biopolymer, lignin is one of the main components of the plant cell walls in woods and grasses. Lignin is bio-based and natural and, depending on the application, even compostable. Lignin can therefore be understood as a bio-chemical and can be used, for example, in 3D printing and injection molding, insulation materials and adhesive tapes, but also in cosmetic formulations and food. With its versatile biorefinery network, Lignopure can obtain suitable lignins and prepare them specifically for the customer’s desired application.

What is your mission? In what way do you make a positive contribution to the environment or society?

At Lignopure, we want the renewable (and widely available) resource, lignin, to finally start being used in higher value products. Lignin is a very versatile raw material, 100% plant-based, renewable and multifunctional. Not only can it partially replace petroleum-based chemicals and plastics, it can also help new, bio-based materials become more functional and cost-effective.

What is your unique selling point?

In research and development, projects on this topic mostly focus on the conversion of liquid basic chemicals. However, lignin also has enormous potential in its original form as a solid powder. Through its particle properties (size, shape, porosity, surface, etc.), lignin can be adapted for a wide variety of applications. And this is exactly where Lignopure’s expertise lies. Through our network of suppliers, we can select lignins specifically and optimize them for the required application or process them into intermediate goods. Initial areas for material applications include cosmetic products like tinted sunscreens, tinted moisturizers, foundations, bb and cc creams.

What is your long-term vision?

In the long term, the company plans to set up its own production plant for promising products such as LignoBase and LignoPearls for cosmetic applications and to develop products for the food industry while offering application services for other industries.


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